Engage, Debate, Decide: TSCG Hosts GM Colleges’ Annual Hustings Event 

On Friday, 19th April 2024, Trafford and Stockport College Group proudly welcomed the Greater Manchester Colleges for a pivotal event in the democratic calendar, the GM Colleges’ annual Hustings. Held at the Trafford College, Altrincham campus, the event marked a significant moment of civic engagement and student involvement. 

Transforming our atrium into an exciting, theatre-like setting, complete with professional lighting, a stage, and a dedicated camera crew to provide live streaming TSCG ensured that the proceedings were not only meaningful but accessible to all, underscoring our commitment to openness and inclusivity. 

Organised collaboratively by Trafford and Stockport College Group’s fabulous Student Experience Team and the Greater Manchester Colleges Group, this gathering saw representatives from all 9 Greater Manchester Colleges converge under one roof. With the impending Mayoral Elections on the horizon, the Hustings provided a vital platform for students to engage directly with local political candidates. 

Facilitating the proceedings was none other than Alan Keegan, affectionately known as ‘The Voice of Old Trafford’ and friend of TSCG. His seasoned expertise ensured a seamless flow of discussions as he introduced the five candidates: Jake Austin (Liberal Democrats), Laura Evans (Conservatives), Dan Barker (Reform UK), Hannah Spencer (Green Party), and Andy Burnham (current Mayor of Greater Manchester). 

Students didn’t shy away from asking the tough questions, covering pressing issues such as homelessness, policing, and crime. This showcased their civic awareness but also demonstrated the importance of student voices in shaping local policies. 

Adding a touch of hospitality to the proceedings, our Hospitality team at Trafford College went above and beyond, treating attendees to a delicious selection of canapés and drinks that went down very well with everyone! 

As we are committed to nurturing and empowering our students to become informed and engaged members of society, hosting the GM Colleges’ annual Hustings event was a natural extension of our values. We are proud to have played a pivotal role in facilitating this crucial exchange of ideas!