Working With You

Community Partnership

Our Community Partnership brings together a range of local organisations who work collectively together to enhance our college offer to our students.

Colleges are often referred to as “anchor institutions” within the local community. We believe that it is essential to work with our local partners to provide the education provision that our communities require whilst reaffirming connections that create opportunities for our students. By joining with our partners, we can provide a more holistic experience that addresses all areas of our students’ educational, personal and social development needs.

Partnership Aims

To provide an integrated approach for students to access a range of support and education services on an individual or group basis

To develop specific community-based projects for particular subject areas across the curriculum which enhance the development of students’ knowledge and skills

To provide volunteering opportunities for individual students to develop their role in the community and sense of civic duty

To enable knowledge exchange and sharing of good practice amongst partners so that we all have a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face in our local area

This partnership therefore provides inclusive support for student challenges, it provides opportunities for student led social action and response to civic duty; in addition to offering creative opportunities for work experience as well as complementary educational activities.

This model of working is needed now more than ever before. The Community Partnership has been an integral part of the College’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and continues to enable much needed support for our students and their families. The partnership is also an essential part of the College’s wider strategy around community cohesion and inclusion, and will ensure that we remain an institution rooted in the needs and interests of the localities we serve.

For more information contact Michelle McLaughlin, Student Engagement & Learner Voice Lead on 0161 296 5622 or