Board of the Corporation

The role of the Board of the Corporation is to determine the direction and strategy of the Group, to be accountable for the proper use of the public funds entrusted to it and to oversee the quality of everything we do here. 
Members of the Board of the Corporation bring with them a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience that benefit the Group. Their responsibility is to set a clear mission and corporate direction, with objectives that can be monitored and reviewed. 

Board of the Corporation

Graham Luccock

Chairperson of the Corporation

James Scott

Principal and CEO of The Trafford & Stockport College Group

Charlotte Barratt
Uswah Sayyed

Student Governor

Michelle McLaughlin

Staff Governor

Jed Hassid

Chairperson of the Audit Committee

Sarah Drake

Chairperson of the FE Curriculum & Quality Committee

Jill Bottomley

Chairperson of the Remuneration Committee

Jeremy Woodside
Heather Lang
Ayodele Oyebode
Janet Grant

Chairperson of the Resources Committee

Alison Hewitt
Louise Richardson

Chairperson Strategic Property Working Group

Marcia Reynolds
Fatema Desai
Emily McIntosh

Chairperson of the HE Curriculum & Quality Committee

Olivia Bussey
Blerta Shera

Student Governor

Jonathan O'Brien