Gender Pay Gap & Equality

Equality & Diversity

Our Commitment

At Trafford & Stockport College Group, we are committed to providing an environment that promotes equality for all and celebrates our diverse community. Everyone is valued equally at the college. 

At Trafford & Stockport College Group, we do not treat anyone less favourably on the basis of sex, disability, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion/faith/belief, gender reassignment, pregnancy/maternity or marriage/civil partnership status. These are protected characteristics as defined in the Equality Act 2010. The college expects all staff, students, visitors and on-site contractors to do the same.


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Shaping Our College Environment

Through forums such as the student and staff Equalities Council and LGBTQ+ group we are able to actively shape our learning environment to highlight inclusiveness. At induction, staff and students are provided with further information about equality and diversity within the college and what they can do to make a difference. Following this, all staff are required to take mandatory equality & diversity and safeguarding modules.

We expect and encourage staff and students to work together to overcome all forms of discrimination and harassment. Our shared college values include respecting each and every individual, and this should always be reflected in our language, behaviours and actions. Find out more about the opportunities to shape our College culture here: